GuardianSat™ has a patented solution to add to high Earth orbiting satellites – a proprietary subsystem detects orbital debris; tracks the orbital debris which would strike the satellite; and autonomously maneuvers the satellite seamlessly, so that collision with that debris does not occur, thereafter maneuvering the satellite back to its original position and without interference to accomplishing the satellites’ primary mission.

Large reconnaissance and communications satellites each cost many hundreds of millions of dollars to build and launch. Shortening their lifetime in an unpredictable way requires costly replacement programs and such orbital debris collision failures cause the loss of the intelligence/communications they provide for a very long period. Also, the replacement/re-launch has its own launch failure risk.

GuardianSat™ provides a solution to minimize and eliminate the impending problem of collision with orbital debris thus saving hundreds of millions of dollars on replacement satellite programs and downtime with a pre-programmed solution for orbital debris sense and avoid subsystems.

GuardianSat™ provides the solution as part of pre-planned program improvement and modification of requirements or specifications for new satellite systems to government agencies or large Tier 1 Space Contractors.