Robert Briskman and Christopher Rohe at the Cosmos Club in Washington, D.C.

Who We Are

Question:  What happens when you combine the cosmic DNA of a world renowned expert in the field of all things Space and the unbridled enthusiasm, vision and business acumen of a seasoned “Governerpreneur” of the new, novel and transformative? 

Answer: Naturally a disruptive Space Solutions Company results. 

 Welcome to GuardianSat™ – the Future of NextGen Space Awareness!  Co-founded by Robert D. Briskman and Christopher W. Rohe,  GuardianSat™  is relentlessly facing the orbital debris challenge head on – with patented solutions ready for implementation and commericialization today.  

GuardianSat™ solutions provide patented algorithms along with system engineering software and hardware additions to satellites. Our team has developed a proprietary subsystem allowing the satellite to avoid collision autonomously with orbital debris, natural debris, and other satellites using space sensors. 

Beyond mere physical asset protection, the subsystem provides improved space awareness to the government operators backed by decades of research projects and operational efforts by Robert D. Briskman, co-founder of Sirius and XM radio.

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